Monday, August 23, 2010

Unleashed Miracles

Swirls twirls and pillars of gray
Suckling the burns of ahes to harvest its dark.
Suddenly the worlds gray has gone all black
Shadows creeping in the dark, lurking in the corners, behind half walls and inside broken windows.
Strolls in the clouds of gray, making the shadows merge deeper into the dark.
Thunder rolls, greens shudder..
Lightning strikes, shadows reappear.
On comes the storm pouring down sweet silver.
It pours, it rains, it falls, it wets, it loves, it flows…
Trickling down the gray, sweeping its ash away..
To the rhythm of the earth the gray ash flows, floating on the curves of silver
It blends into the white foam of the seven seas..
a legacy begins.
Gray becomes its salt, its everlasting beauty and throb
Black is all swept off, cradled by silver..Leaving gray looming in the air
With a cloud of white scrapping the skies with a striking glare
The greens are still and silent after its dance,
soil smelling sweeter after the caress of the silver flows..
Earth is breathing fast with an expectant gaze ..Waiting for the next miracle it knows so well…
swiftly vanishes the gray as the greens are crowned by a bursting golden glory
Silver droplets on the edge of every green blade turns into honey..
the softest fresh warmth after the chilly gray freeze brushes the thousand buds that’s about to bloom…
they flourish, burst, explode with life, A celebration of yellow
Glorious than ever before
Wings of million angels soar in the sky
in reds, greens, blues, purples.. Fireworks of rainbows arching across the skies
I climbed on to its colures
I walked
Across the colors
Felt them with my fingers
they went across my crust to the blood and the bones
they over took my soul
Sparked, flared-up, irrupted, burnt out without smoke
Then came the white…the brightest of all
The tranquil of all
The warmest of all
With depths deeper than the deep
Opening an un tread universe
The universe unnamed


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