Sunday, March 22, 2009


Do u still remember
how we used to be
I know I’m not just a dead memory in your past
as you pretend it to be..
Do u still feel our story in the wind
giving cold shudders with is piercing cold chill?
Is it just me who treasure
the dead leaves of our tree
chopped down just when it was blossoming with life
Do you feel that the roots are still alive & yet..
yet.. the sprouts are fighting to stay beneath the cover…
beneath the cover of pride?
You moved on, so did I…
What we had will never die
but will the sprouts ever
see the light of day,
I know not…
Till then the glistenning stars
of the night sky
would tell our story
The wind will carry it
beyond borders & accorss oceans
And when you hear its melody
remember..treasuring many dead leaves
just as you are
i too am waiting ...

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