Sunday, March 22, 2009

On The Road To Love...We Walked...

University of Colombo,Faculty of Management and Finance, Freshers' Fest 2008, On The Road To Love... The Reminiscence from REBELZZART on Vimeo.

A rusty old bus stop with many stories of its own stood in the middle of the stage as the curtains unveiled and the journey began on the road to love. On the 20 February 2009, the faculty of Management & Finance of University of Colombo took bitter & sweet shades of love and splashed across the canvas of a stage and created a beautiful portrait of the cherished destination, LOVE…

Scripts were written for the opening act “ Oba Ha Ma Madin Histhanak Premaya” telling a story of many sides of love. All scenes hovering at a Bus stop that witness many raptures & lumbers of love daily & for eternity.. The script of the closing act “Death Crush” took a revengeful & a shrouded form of love where a story in Vegas during the 60’s was revealed. Inside a bar sits an offensive customer waiting to seize his prey and to make him pay for grasping away the only pleasant reality of his life.., yes, love again. Talents were auditioned and selected, casts were practiced and rehearsed, all in two months time.. Final week arrived…the back drops were sketched & painted… posters were printed & published…and the days & nights were spent solely to get the final portrait right.. ; All done by the seniors of the Faculty as an effort to illuminate the talent of the freshmen & to give them an experience that’ll be treasured for life.

Finally, the big day arrived… Throbbing hearts, sweaty palms, droopy eyes in need of a weeks sleep & silent prayers in each excited mind, all in hope of a successful journey.. The Faculty made the entire University take the color of love that day.. On the pathway to the theater was a replica of the statue of Venus the goddess of love and the Cupid; the symbol of love. The entrance took the form of two stone pillars covered with rose veins and the pillars were linked with an arch of thousand red roses, the blossom of love

The stage took life, scene by scene; song by song & dance by dance was uncovered in the light of the two plays and the audience was taken on an unforgettable journey on the road to love..

Looking back it reminds us of all the painstaking efforts & sacrifices we made to make this day a reality.. The journey touched many hearts that night.. We all shed tears of joy on that day, seeing the sweet fruits we nurtured shining on stage with much glamor, saying so much to the world.. Our fantasy grew to be a thriving reality...

On the Road to love...We walked..

Its definitely a walk to remember..

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