Thursday, November 5, 2009

I wish I wasn’t an only child...

This is no poetry, they are just thoughts...
See if i had someone to tell these to, there would be another poem in this space than this jumble of tearful words...

So..if i wasnt an only child,
Then I wouldn’t miss having
People of my own in life...
Someone at home to fight over the bigger piece of the chocolate,
Someone to hold hands with when it thunders at night,
A playmate after school,
A companion for lonely meals at home,
A partner in mischief,
A sharer of all deepest secrets,
Someone I could team up with to convince my parents,
An annoying pain on the back who always knows what I’m upto,
Someone I could cry with in my room about anything and everything,
Someone to turn to and worry with on family issues,
Someone to bounce off some responsibility to,
Someone to create a family tradition with,
The pain of babysitting nieces or nephews of my own,
The joy of cuddling up with them when they are cold,
Someone who’ve shared my life style all along till now
Someone who’ll be around from my early days to the very last days
I’ve never felt all this before and was happily enjoying the cocoon of being an only child
And never did I think I’d feel it now...but now I know
I’m missing a hell of a lot in life


  1. Gosh u've put the sting in me now of missing all the listed above n more of being the only child

  2. but there's always pros and cons of being only child or having sisters or/and brothers.
    so the most important thing is to be satisfied with what you have and be happy darling.
    That's what i think...

  3. This is absolutely beautiful. I've always felt like I've missed out on so much by being an only child and I want a brother or sister so badly. It absolutely broke my heart when my mom miscarriaged. Oh, I feel like crying now.