Wednesday, July 1, 2009

My life long lover...the sea

I took my wounded self to the only comfort I knew in the world..
...the soulful endless sea
It greeted me with its cheerful splendor,
yet feeling the pain I carried within
it brushed my cheek with its sweet salty breeze
and whispered loving words ever so gently..
It kissed my hurting heart with its waves
and caressed me tenderly with its soft white bubbles
And they went back yet came again
trying to draw out my sorrow into it, and give its life to me
It made love to me with each gush,
giving me tingling pleasure and a slight breath of relief
And there I was looking far out at the horizon
wanting to drown in this endless love and warmth..
To let it flow above my head
and take me away from the cruel world
into the tranquil depth of its depths
and make me its own forever…