Friday, February 27, 2009

Talking Lips...

I saw that sweet lips when it began to lightning
It’s strawberry red & it’s lean & hungry
Attractive birthmark on its right corner
Aroused my curiosity to see her face
But the darkness started to rule the area
Oh god! Have some mercy on me, I murmured
Yep, it’s working, again it began to lightning
Shit… now she has pulled up her hood
Again I can see those sweet lips
Oh baby… put it down, I’m loosing my patience
For the god sake put it down
Did she hear that? Can’t be...
I think my mind was screaming
Shit… again the darkness….
This time the god is on my side
Somebody is holding a light onto her face
Wow! She is an angel of angel
What the hell was that?
Oops... it was the train but it wasn’t my train
I couldn’t see anything
Don’t leave me girl
Please don’t leave me
The train is moving & my heart began to pound
Shit… she wasn’t there anymore, she has gone away
I couldn’t bear it
No……….. I screamed
But nobody there to hear me
I felt that I am just a loser
My head fell down onto my chest
Meanwhile I felt something strange
I looked around, oh! That’s her
She’s smiling with me & there’s something behind her lips
Suddenly a winning smile came into my lips
And it began to rain

Written By NeePro

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