Wednesday, February 4, 2009

All alone...

Whom do I turn to

Whom do I lean on

who will wipe away all the tears i cry

When i'm all alone..?

Oh, it hurts so bad

when you're not there

and i'm all alone..

For better or for worse

to make all my dreams come true

you're the only one I've got

in this cruel world

No matter how many stars

would come shining my way

Its only you who can light

and lift up my soul

so please

dont leave me in this dark

all alone..

Why cant you hear my lonely cry

and come to me

to make my tears dry

oh why my love

what wrong have I done

is it loving you

more than my own life..?


  1. Clean and straight - beautifully written.
    I can understand the pain

  2. i totally get you..... :(
    *one big hug*