Monday, January 19, 2009

At World’s end, To An Unknown Love…

I look in to you
The depth
Is unknown…
Patience of mine,
Is on a test.
I’m ready…
Let the game begins…
Here I’m waiting,
For days, weeks, months,
Till the time meets its end,
I’m waiting,
For the mist to clear,
To unravel the beauty,
Of your soul.
To spend the aging years
On your imaginary arms
One look
Is enough...
So please!!!
End this waiting game…
I can’t wait any longer
I have to move on…

written by drg


  1. No body likes to wait,
    for any thing, for any reasons

    But friend, think…

    Massive trees are not
    grown in one day
    Birds will not
    sing as they born
    Sunrays are not
    powerful in the morning
    Flowers doesn’t
    smell soon after the blossom

    Many good things need time

    For LOVE….

    Sometime the whole life
    is not enough.
    Because true love is
    valuable like that.