Friday, November 7, 2008


Waiting I’ve been doing all my life
For tomorrow, for you to take me away
Away from the pain, away from the heart break
Away with you to the place in your heart
Still you never came.

I met so many people on the way to you
Hearts got broken, faith got lost
Love was never mine to find.
Yet I’m still walking hoping one day you’ll arrive
Still you never came

Now I’m trapped in this life with no pain
No happiness, no emotions, nothing to say
I heard that tears are the story of love
I’m waiting to tell my story to you
Still you never came

I don’t care to whom I loose, who takes me away
Nothing seems to matter anymore I guess I’ve lost my way
Faith is the last thing to go, and it’s slowly fading away
Death is better than waiting for you
Still you never came.

(written by PCOM.)
(first appeared on REBELZZART issue no 02.)


  1. Where's He? Do you know the person?? Then why aren't you asking him.... He must be waiting too......