Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Destined Love

You open my eyes, with the sound of your voice
Reaching my soul in a dream.

My day so begins, you’re the sun peeping in

Warming my heart with your beams.

We’re really alike, in our thoughts and our ways

Yet quite not the same, half the time.

It’s all for the good, as it’s nature-it should;
Our fates are pre-bound, yours and mine.

You may love me back or may be just a friend;

I wish I could see through your eyes.

To see if my dreams can be given true life;

To see if this love can survive.

I wonder my love, if you wait for the day

When it’s perfect to say what you feel.

When you’ll say “I love you”, sweeping me off my feet,
When our love, with a kiss, we shall seal.

My wishful thinking, my hopes and my prayers

Will grow endless love, pure and true.
If we give a chance to this blessed romance
We’ll never turn back, me and you.

(written By HORTON)

(first appeared on REBELZZART issue 03.)

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